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Hikes around Beijing
Step out of a metropolis with 18 million people and get away from your hectic city life. Just hours outside of downtown, you will find many tranquil places with marvelous views around Beijing. There are vistas and sights that will make your heart and your lungs rejoice. We offer hikes to the mountains, rivers, canyons, ancient villages......
Explore China
China is vast with an astonishingly and varied landscape. The awesome landscapes and ancient culture keep attracting outdoor lovers to come to explore. China Travellers organizes trips to many places in China, from famous scenic spots to less well-known places. You will enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the amazing landscape there....
Nature Retreats Trips
Looking for a secluded and beautiful venue in nature to feed the body and the mind? Planning to take a break from routines and focus on revitalizing yourself? Wanting to dive into tranquility in a stunning place? This is the trip for you! After the hustle and bustle of the city life, spending two or more days in the serene nature retreats is a very good way to relax and recharge....
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