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Hiking in Mountains
There are many beautiful mountains and canyons around Beijing and a couple of them are above 2000 meters, such as Lingshan Mountains, Big Haituo Mountains, Huangcaoliang Mountains. Many kinds of animals harmoniously inhabit the natural environment. You will enjoy the fresh air, the peaceful atmosphere and the amazing landscape there.
Villages and Temples Visit
Camping on the Chinese Great Wall must rank among one of the greatest experiences on this planet. We can help you realize the dreams of sleeping on the Great Wall in China and see the sunrise and sunset there! The tour combines both Great Wall hiking and camping. We offer Jiankou Great Wall camping tour, Gubeikou and Jinshanling Great Wall camping tour, etc.
Photography Trips
If you are a keen hiker and want a special trek in your life, we can customize a private Great Wall trek in China for you which is from 3 days to 10 days, discovering the best sections of the authentic Great Wall. You will witness some breathtaking views and the amazing panoramas of the Great Wall. It covers different sections of the Great Wall in different places.
Travellers' Get-together
After the hustle and bustle of the city life, spending two or more days in the serene natural Great Wall retreats is a very good way to relax and recharge.  All the retreats are nestled in the mountains and there are hiking trails leading to the nearby mountains. You can see the authentic Great Wall and take a peaceful  walk on the wild Great Wall there. ...
  Upcoming Hikes
  Cliff Inscriptions to Jiankou Great Wall Stretch Hiking and Camping (May 26/27)
  Huanghuacheng to Zhuangdaokou Great Wall Hiking and Camping (May 26/27)
  Cliff Inscriptions to Jiankou Great Wall Stretch Hiking (May 26)
  Huanghuacheng to Zhuangdaokou Great Wall Hiking (May 26)
  Mutianyu Great Wall to Jiankou Great Wall Hiking and Camping (May 27/28)
  West Jiankou Great Wall to Nine-Eyes Tower Hiking (May 27)
  Jiankou Great Wall to Mutianyu Great Wall Hiking (May 27)
  Huanghuacheng to Zhuangdaokou Great Wall Hiking and Camping (May 29/30)
  Huanghuacheng Yellow Flower Lakeside Great Wall Hiking (May 29)
  Gubeikou Winding Dragon Great Wall Hiking (May 30)
  Chen Castle Switchback Wild Great Wall Hiking and Camping (May 31/Jun 01)
  Chen Castle Switchback Wild Great Wall Hiking (May 31)
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