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Gubeikou Great Wall
Centuries ago, Gubeikou was a strategic pass which provided much needed access to Inner Mongolia and northeast China. Wars were common to gain control of this point and continued until the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Remnants of past battles can be seen on some of the broken bricks and stones. Until today the Gubeikou Winding Dragon Great Wall retains its fascination as its raw condition is still evident. The tranquility at the ruins of the Great Wall is really touching.

The first section of the wall was built during the Northern Qi Dynasty (550 - 557). After about 800 years, in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the Gubeikou Great Wall was extended and enhanced with more beacon towers and pass gates. The last reconstruction took place in 1567. No rebuilding or renovation was done since then. So this section of wall still retains its original appearance. It is suitable for hiking and photography and hikes experience different scenery in all directions regardless of the season.

The Gubeikou Great Wall has long been an important pass of great military significance on the route to the capital city of Beijing. It was built along a mountain range, rising and falling along its length.

The Gubeikou Winding Dragon Great Wall:
The Gubeikou Winding Dragon Great Wall is located in the middle section of Gubeikou, where most of the historical wars took place. In ancient times, both warring parties placed emphasis on securing the Panlongshan Great Wall, because each knew that once the wall was captured, the Gubeikou Great Wall would be readily occupied. The whole wall measures about 13 kilometers (3.1 miles). Of its over 40 watch towers, the General Tower is the most famous. It is located at the commanding elevation of Panlongshan Mountain, from where wars were directed. There are four arrow windows on the north and south sides respectively, while each of the east and west sides has three arrow windows. This section of the wall is of unique construction: it is made up of earth walls, stone walls and brick walls. And it is also preserved in its original state.

The Gubeikou Crouching Tiger Great Wall:
The Gubeikou Crouching Tiger Great Wall is located in the western section of the Gubeikou Great Wall and its highest peak measures about 2,181 feet. ’Wohu’ means ’Crouching Tiger’ in English, because the mountain looks like two tigers, one lying on its back while the other lies on its stomach. A watch tower is erected every 492 feet of the wall, overlooking a deep valley or mounted on a strategically important hilltop. A professor from Beijing University compared the Great Wall to a huge cursive script work with the watch towers providing the pausing or transitional strokes. It retains its fascination today as its raw condition is still evident.

Hiking and Camping On Gubeikou Great Wall:
Gubeikou Winding Dragon Great Wall Hiking
Gubeikou Crouching Tiger Great Wall Hiking

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