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Simatai Great Wall and Watching-Beijing (Wangjing) Tower
Lying in the Gubeikou Town northeast of Miyun County about 120 kilometers (75 miles) from Beijing, the Simatai Great Wall stretches about fivekilometers (three miles) from the Watching-Beijing Tower in the east and connects to the Jinshanling Great Wall in the west. It has 35 beacon towers. Constructed under the supervision of Qi Jiguang, a famous general in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

The Simatai Great Wall is celebrated for its steepness, queerness and intactness. The main tourist attractions include the Stairway to Heaven, the Fairy Tower, the Heaven Bridge and the Watching-Beijing Tower.

Watching-Beijing Tower (Tower for Viewing the Capital) is the topmost tower of Simatai Great Wall. It lies on a very steep mountain. At an elevation of 986 meters, it is regarded as the summit of the Simatai Great Wall. It is said that people can see the lights of Beijing at night and the White Dagoba in Beihai park by day in the distance 120 km away.

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