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Nine-Eye Tower and Liugou Folk Village
Brief Introduction of Nine-Eye Tower
    Built in 1543, Nine-Eye Tower is the largest-scale watchtower of Great Wall in Ming Dynasty, located at the boundary of Huairou County and Yanqing County. It was an important command post during the ancient wars, measuring 7.8m high and 13m wide. It has three layers, and there are nine holes which look like nine eyes on each side.
    Nicknamed by the locals “nine eyes tower”, it contains the greatest number of crenels of any tower along the entire Great Wall - nine. There are many sights of interest along the way, from ancient history to Qin, Qi, Ming, and Qing Dynasty constructions.

Brief Introduction of Liugou Village: 
    Liugou used to be called the Phoenix city in the ancient. It has a long history and splendid cluture. Here, you can visit the ancient city ruins and feel that it is majestic and mysterious. You can listen to legends and feel appreciation of the ancient city of ancient culture. Pickers can participate in the orchard, pick rich fruit by you, labor and personally tasting results. Here, you can also taste brazier pot, bean feast. Brazier is the old heating utensil to get warm in rural north China in winter. In the winter seasons, release to be a pot of cabbage, tofu, and bacon, it’s called "a brazier pot". 
    People in Liugou developed tofu in the traditional pot on the basis of "barzier pot" to make the effect of soy bean which is good for beauty, black bean tofu for nourishing the kidneys. Green bean tofu for sunstroke pervention, it is famous for "Phoenix-brazier pot-bean feast". Its main features are most of vegetarian dishes with a little fat and oil. Otherwise, there are another three pot, three bowls, six vegetables dishes, take may your life be auspicious, may you be safe all four seasons, may you spend a smooth life.

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