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Dazhenyu Great Wall and Xiangshuihu Natural Scenic Area
Dazhenyu Great Wall is located in Chong Mountain in Dazhenyu Village of Huairou County which is about 80km from Beijing city. Dazhenyu Great Wall still keeps the original appearance. In spring, flowers blossomed out all over the mountain; in autumn, the leaves look like fire.

Dazhenyu village is located in a valley. There are sheer cliffs and steep mountains with diverse rocks and unique peaks at both sides of the valley. The Great Wall built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) winds up and down the green mountains, looking like a gigantic dragon flying into the sky.

There is Xiangshui Lake Scenic Area in the Dazhenyu Village. It occupies an area of 18 square kilometers (4,448 acres). The scenic area is a splendid natural valley with a section of the Great Wall, an ancient cave, beautiful mountains, clear springs and ponds, and a spectacular waterfall.

The most stunning scenery in this scenic area is the grand waterfall. The impetuous springs rush down the mountain and form a compelling waterfall, 24 meters (78.7 feet) wide, 50 meters (164 feet) long. In fact, Xiangshui Lake isn’t a lake but rather a gash of water from a head of a spring in the valley. It is possible to hear the sound of the running water afar, so it is named ’Xiangshui Lake’. The spring is the biggest one in Huairou District and the water is sweet, tasty and refreshing. In winter, the waterfall becomes an ’Ice Curtain’ hanging over the cave.

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