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What it the best time to visit the Great Wall of China?
Seasonal Scenery
You can visit Beijing at almost any time of the year. In Beijing, all the sections of the Wall are open to travelers all year round. The Great Wall offer timeless charm to tourists, but scenery varies with seasons. Visit it in different time you will get a quite different scene. 

The ideal months for the Great Wall walking and hiking are spring, early summer and autumn - later March, April, May, June, September, October and early November. The ideal months for the Great Wall camping are late spring, summer and early autumn: May, June, July, August, September and October.

Trees and plants in the mountains turn green in spring. the wall wonders among the lush vegetation. Every thing looks so fresh. In late spring (middle April to late April) with the flowers bloom is a great time to find a wild section of the wall and hike up to it.

In summer the mountains are covered with green plants and trees which are very flourishing. The Great Wall winds its way like a silver dragon, standing out clearly in the strong green of the plants. 

If you take place to go to the Wall in summer season- later on June, July and August, be ready for heat stroke prevention -sunglasses, sun cream, sun block, hat, water. July and August are the months when most of the year’s rain falls in Beijing, so bring waterproofs in case.

Autumn is the most beautiful season in Beijing, with a blue sky, comfortable sunshine and the colourful leaves. The weather is very nice for outing. The mountains are blanketed by colors of red, golden, yellow and brown leaves and fruits, creating an awesome view.

The weather in later December, January and early February will be freezing or very cold. Much fewer people travel to Beijing then. Walking on the wall in winter is really a bit difficult as the result of frozen climate You have to dress warmly- winter hat with ear flap, ear warmers, gloves, scarf, warm jackets and the winter accessories. 

But in winter the mountains and the wall itself are often covered with snow, offering an awesome snowy scene. But if it is sunny and not windy, the walking on the wall is very pleasant. You will get more tranquility and feel stronger connection with nature.

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